FAQ - Frequently "Axed" Questions


Our most frequently "axed" questions!

Our prices start at $25 + tax per person for an hour of time on the lanes.

Yes! If a parent or legal guardian is present and the kids are strong enough to throw the axe in a safe manner, we encourage participation.

Yes! In fact, we encourage our guests to document their experience with us. Guests can even share the photos and videos with us on social media

While we do not have an age limit, we do enforce strength restrictions. If our staff feels that an individual may not be strong enough to throw the axe safely, we will not allow them to participate.

Sessions run an hour for just $25.

For safety, we require all guests how are participating in axe throwing to wear closed-toed shoes. During the winter season, we recommend wearing layers as it can get a little cold. Generally, we sure to wear something comfortable that doesn’t constrict movement.

Yes, we provide all the materials and equipment you will need, including the axes.

Yes, you can bring your own axe. If the axe is in good condition and is WATL compliant, you’re good to go.

There will be a brief orientation at the beginning of your session guiding you throw the proper technique of throwing an axe.

At Awful Axe Throwing, we take safety very seriously. We’ve never had an injury occur in any way. We provide a safe environment and are very strict in ensuring that all participants are throwing their axe in a safe and appropriate manner.

Yes you can! But no hard liquor, beer and wine only, and no individuals obviously intoxicated will be allowed to participate. Please limit it to 2 beers, or 2 glasses of wine as a max while throwing axes.